Society Of Twentieth Century Wargamers

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I have been a member of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers for more than fifteen years now. I joined it during a period when I was coming back to Wargaming and liked the fact that it published a regular journal covering a wide range of periods, often having special issues devoted to one subject. The reviews were always very good and there were some superb articles on modern Wargaming which should be of interest to FoW players getting excited about Team Yankee for example. All of these older issues are available in digital form via Wargames Vault.

The Society has had its up and downs in recent years, and the gaps between journals have got longer, but a new team are running the society now and the latest journal, shown above, now has a colour cover and better reproduction of images and maps. Things are looking up and they have a thriving SOTCW forum and also a Facebook page.

The current issue of the SOTCW Journal (shown above) is Number 84 and has 56 pages of material covering a wide variety of periods in the Twentieth century and with an interesting piece on WW2 British snipers and a Soviet version of a Bridge Too Far! 

The SOTCW is a great organisation and for The Journal are always looking for copy: from articles to reviews. If you are into WW2 Wargaming in any way then becoming a member for £22 in the UK or just £12 for a digital subscription is well worth it.

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