Bolt Action: Tank Warfare

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I did make a start on some Bolt Action figures a while ago and never really got anywhere, but while seeing some of the Black Friday deals recently I noticed that the Bolt Action Tank War Starter Set was on offer, so decided to take the plunge and make it my Christmas Holidays project.

So all I have done for now is build one of the Shermans. There were no instructions in the box, but I managed to find some online, and it’s a really nice model. Looking forward to making the others and having a game of it over Christmas: watch this space!

Thinking About Team Yankee

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I first read Team Yankee, the novel by ex-US tanker Harold Coyle which depicts an American armoured unit in a fictional WW3, back in the 90s. This period and potential Cold War gone Hot  I find fascinating as I spent a lot of time in Germany in the 80s both personally and professionally.

I also played a lot of micro-armour and some 20mm Cold War games back in the 80s using scratch built vehicles and the available Airfix. The announcement that Battlefront was bringing out a range for this period has taken my eye off WW2 for a while and no doubt I’ll do some blogging here.

While waiting for the game to come out I have been looking through my books, a few old manuals and trawling the Net. So here’s some notes based in that.

Cold War Books

  Aside from the Team Yankee novel I remember reading quite a few during that time. Many, like Coyle, were veterans of the Cold Warbperiod who had put their thoughts into fiction. James Rouch did a series of Zone books and Chieftans about a British tank crew was one of my favourites. I wish I had it now as it appears to be very rare!! Breakthrough Assault did a good round up of Cold War Fiction.

In the 80s Salamandar Books did a series of large, glossy and fully illustrated books on the Soviet War Machinr, US War Machine and Chinese War Machine. These are great as painting guides and for background info. They are out of print but easy and cheap to find on eBay or possibly via charity bookshops.

Team Yankee in Video Games


The book inspired quite a few early video games and these YouTube films show a more recent simulation called Steelbeasts. It’s quite useful for tabletop gamers to watch these as it gives some good scenario ideas and insights into tactical/tabletop issues in handling troops. The need to move once having engaged a target to avoid artillery strikes is particularly noticeable and it will be interesting to see how that is reflected in the FoW game.

New Team Yankee FoW Website

Battlefront have launched a Team Yankee website and no doubt more product pages, building and hopefully some painting guides will be added.

It’s all looking good!

15mm WW2 terrain review

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Excellent review of 15mm terrain for the WW2 wargamer on a blog well worth following.

The model warrior

15mm WW2 Wargaming Terrain Review

I have been building a lot of terrain as of late and decided to
write a review of what’s available on the market ,specifically
if your wargaming anything to do with Normandy but its still
relevant for most other WW2 wargaming at the 15mm size, particularly
Western Europe.
My review is based on many things including, how detailed the terrain is,
how large the terrain range is, how easy the terrain is to construct, the
uniqueness of the terrain and how customer friendly the company are.

The first 7 reviews are of terrain manufacturers  that I have bought,
modified, played and lived with. They are rated after the review out
of a total of 5 points.
Following that are a list of other terrain makers I have yet to
experience but deserve a mention. They are not rated.

1. Najewitz Modellbau.


Najewitz has a 15mm range…

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