WW2 Tank

Trying Out Tanks 

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Having recently bought the Bolt Action armoured fury boxed set, and am finishing off building the models for that over Christmas, I also picked up Battlefronts Tanks spin-off game. Using some basic tanks, you get three kits in the box: two Shermans and a Panther.

I’ve made up the Panther and Shermans (as 76mm versions to give them a chance against the Panther), and will be giving this a go over Christmas, and reporting back! 

German Armour with Colours of War

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Had a productive summer painting some minis. Started to have a look at some 28mm Warlord figures but realised how big my 15mm backlog was so went back to them. Tried out the new Flames of War ‘Colours of War’ German armour paint set which comes with a big bottle of Panther Yellow as a basecoat plus a shade and some camo colours, although you need the green from the Quartermaster set to complete them. The paint went on well and this new range is really good. Quite happy with my usual ‘tabletop standard’ results.

The first photo above shows them with the base colours all painted and then the ‘after shot’ (below) of them weathered and dry-brushed. 


Jagdpanzer IV Late War Tank Camouflage

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The German Panzer Museum in Munster has a staggering array of WW2 vehicles and visiting places like this helps to get a wider visual impression of the models we paint as well as offering inspiration to paint more realistic camouflage patterns. A quick scan of say painted 15mm WW2 German tanks on eBay shows a wide impression of what many believe camo on late war tanks looked like, but actual examples in museums can be very different to these models.


This Jagdpanzer IV is a good example showing a common pattern of camouflage used. This was applied often by a tired tank crew and done with large, often dirty and grubby brushes, so there is room for interpretation: nothing was done to a template. The aim was to break up the uniform appearance of the tank and made it blend more with its surroundings, which is always worth bearing in mind when painting the models.


The rear of the tank was often just in dunkelgelb as seen below.