Making A Start: Warlord 28mm British Infantry

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Doing most of my WW2 wargaming in 15mm, and occasionally 20mm, it is some time since I made and painted anything in 28mm scale. Looking around on the internet there are quite a few manufacturers who have WW2 ranges in this scale but I liked the look of the Warlord Games range of 28mm figures and equipment, especially as the plastic kits they do are very much like the old Airfix 1/35th scale multipose figures I made as a kid.


While Warlord do starter sets for the Bolt Action rulesets using their figures, I decided to start on safe ground and purchased a box of their British infantry for the North-West European theatre: D-Day to Berlin period. The box is nicely illustrated with some supporting information and inside are ten sprues giving you 25 figures in total for £24.00 which is not bad value.


Starting with five figures I really liked the variation the kit gives you from pose to weapon choice, and even choice of back-packs with tin mugs hanging down! It is easy to begin to put together a ten man infantry section based around a Bren team and make the figures all very different. With five figures put together, next stage is to base spray-paint them and then begin a paint job: that will be the subject of a later blog post.